Siata Valves

Siata is one of the three brands of Pentair control valves, specifically developed in the EMEA. Composed of a broad range of multiport composite valves with service flow rates up to 35m³/hr and advanced professional controllers, Siata offers a full range of solutions that simplify the whole operating process on water treatment plants.

The key concept of Siata is to offer valves that can be fitted with almost any controllers depending on the customers needs, and giving several hundred of individual configurations. Pentair engineers work closely with customers to develop personalised solutions to their specific application. The result is a unique combination of valves and related controllers for years of reliable and trouble free service.

Siata is the only brand to supply valves, controllers and accessories for DI applications. Their special design in glass fibre reinforced ABS make them perfectly suitable for deionization, thanks to their construction that resist to types of regenerants such as NaOH, HCL and H2SO4.

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  • Design in glassfibre reinforced ABS
  • Various types of regenerant can be used
  • Inlet and outlet valves are double actuated
  • Either air or water can be used for valve control
  • The controller camshaft actuates the SIATA valves through the various regeneration phases


  • Business: Commercial, Industrial, Residential
  • Application: Deionization, Filtration, Softening
  • Valves: V132, V230, V250, V351, V360, V363
  • Controllers: SFE, SFE-EV Pro and Viridion

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