Hot Water Tanks (Up to 80◦ C)


A hot water storage tank (also hot water tank, thermal storage tank, hot water thermal storage unit) is a water tank that is used for storing hot water for space heating or domestic use.

Hot water tanks may use an external heat exchanger to heat water from another energy source system. Existin on the market in either stainless steel or in composite material, hot water tanks have similar operational perfomances. However, whilst composite tanks can store water having a high concentration of dissolved minerals without altering the tank structure, corrosion will develop only after a few years on stainless steel tanks.

This also applies for dissolved oxygen in the water, which accelerates the corrosion of the stainless steel tanks but composite tanks are made with a non-corrosive raw material (LDPE) able to avoid this effect.

Water heater for washing, bathing, laundry or solar heating system must be coupled with a Structural Hot Water Tanks.

low network
low network
Operating Pressure:
Min 0 bar - Max 10 bar
Operating Temp:
Min 1°C - Max 80°C
Base: 3-leg / Opening: Top & Bottom / Standard Color: Blue RAL 5015
Type Total Height (mm) min-max External Diameter (mm) Volume Vessel (liter) Weight Empty (kg) Maximum Base Load (kg)
C-1468-F7HW 2053-2093 369 140 33.00 405
C-1668-F7HW 2067-2107 406 172 42.00 405
C-1868-F7HW 2111-2151 469 250 45.00 710
C-2166-F7HW 1978-2018 552 310 48.00 710
C-2475-F7HW 2208-2248 610 450 58.00 995
C-3078-F7HW 2264-2304 770 710 112.00 1590
C-3678-F7HW 2327-2367 927 1020 143.00 2245
C-4278-F7HW 2405-2445 1074 1360 176.00 2990
C-4882-F7HW 2410-2450 1226 1840 250.00 4040

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